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Thank you for taking the time to visit my humble little corner of the Weband welcome to my site's new and hopefully permanent home! This site is dedicated to an in depth study of the uniforms worn by all nations involved in the period known as the Napoleonic Wars. I created it with the intent that it might be of use to fellow military historians and researchers in the field like myself as well as an informative page for students, collectors and wargamers of military miniatures and military re-enactors of the period.

A bit about myself!

I was born in Jette, a small suburb of Brussels on July 12th, 1949 and am presently living as a Canadian citizen in Canada.

I started my interest in military miniatures at age 7 when my Grandfather who was retired Police Chief in Brussels and a military man of rank himself gave me a cigar box filled with the old 54mm William Britains' tin soldiers. I spent hours on end re-fighting battles with my toy cavalry, infantry and a cannon that fired matchsticks from it's barrel with a spring loaded mechanism. In my adolescent years, though I did not have access to military miniatures as I do today and wargaming was still very much in its infancy, I did not lose interest in them and all things historical and military in nature. I would spend hundreds of hours, drawing, colouring and then cutting out and mounting thousands of tiny paper miniature soldiers onto card bases and re-fight ancient, medieval and Napoleonic battles with them. Later, with the advent of photocopy machines my task of creating these armies became easier...

In my teens, I began collecting every scrap of information in the form of books, prints and articles on the subject of the Napoleonic period as well as amass over 130,000 tin 15mm and later 6mm military miniatures with which I and several friends and fellow wargamers would spend weekends wargaming with on a tabletop 8 meters long by 2 meters wide. I also took great pleasure attending local and out-of-town wargaming conventions.

I have long since evolved from the 54mm toy soldiers and paper cut-out figures and I respect my figures and countless hours of painstaking research and hand-painting far too much nowadays to ever fire a toy cannon at them anymore...But, I have never lost my interest for wargaming, or the Napoleonic Wars. Whether it is the colour and pagentry of the period, or my devout admiration for Napoleon the man who started it all, I'm not certain. However, one thing stands true is I can never have too many figures and I can never spend enough time researching and painting them. Later to lead my proud regiments in victory over my foes on the wargaming tabletop!

As a matter of fact, I have become so well versed on the period that I now make a living hand-painting military miniatures of all periods (mostly Napoleonic however). For those interested you can visit my other site at: MILITARY MINIATURE PAINTING SERVICES.

My purpose in creating these pages is to share my knowledge and extensive collection of uniform data and illustrations with my fellow wargamers around the globe. I hope to be as accurate and detailed as possible, but no one is perfect, and if I am at error in any one of my pages with regards to uniforms, or organisations, please, write me and correct me and I will be forever grateful to you for enlightening me on the said subject and immediately share such information on my pages. I hope to be of help, and interest to each and every one of you that visits my pages. Further, if I can be of any assistance to anyone out there with regards to uniform info, again, please write to me and I will be happy to help you out to the best of my ability! If I do not get back to you right away, don't despair, I answer any and all e-mails but unfortunately I am extremely busy these days just trying to keep up with the heavy demand for my miniature painting services and because of this, though I am still working on these pages I have not been able to post as much as I would like over the past 3 years.


John P. Stallaert

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Well now, enough of the formalities, on to the reason you have all come to my site...