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    I would like to acknowledge and give special thanks to the following people without whose help and generosity these pages would not have been possible:

  • THE MANAGEMENT OF 0catch.com who have allowed me to host my site here on their server with 100 Megabytes of free web space.

  • LILLIAN & FRED FUNCKEN and CASTERMAN PUBLISHERS in Brussels Belgium for their generous permission to use and reproduce their fabulous and colourful illustrations of Napoleonic uniforms on my pages.

  • DOMINIC GOH from Singapore for all his help and uniform illustrations as well as collaboration over the past 3 years with both my site and his NAPOLEONICWARS Delphi Forum of which I am honoured to be one of the co-editors.

  • GEORGE NAFZIGER and the late CHARLES GRANT whose written works have been both informative, factual and tremendously inspiring to my pages.

  • DALLAS GAVAN my mate in Australia for his invaluable contribution to my Prussian Cavalry uniform pages with his numerous excellent graphics of the Prussian Standards and advice on uniform details.

  • PIOTR PACAK my friend and fellow Forum Editor in Poland without whose patience and endless stream of awesome illustrations of the Polish army and little known facts, I would be so much farther behind in producing the pages on the Duchy of Warsaw.who has been relentless in his help providing me the most excellent scanned prints and original data on Polish unforms from the Duchy of Warsaw.

  • CHRIS HUNT for permitting me to reproduce his wonderful photos of Austrian Army uniforms and Flags from his Napoleonic Museum Site.

  • IAN CROXALL and ALAN PENDLEBURY for their awesome and endless research of Napoleonic flags and standards and their permission to use their works on my site.

  • NICK & HELEN MOZAK my good friends from PROGRAMIST in Belgorod Russia who have freely given me of their valuable time to send me endless illustrations and translated Russian text on the Russian Army.

  • VLADIMIR BAZOROV from Bielozersk Russia, whose fabulous talent and amazingly lifelike and animated black and white illustrations grace some of my Russian Cavalry pages.

  • KIRILL NAGORNYJ and BORIS MEGORSKY my young Russian friends of the Preobraszjensky Lifegarde Regiment re-enactors group, for all of their help on uniform details and excellent photos of their re-enactors group in action at the site of the Battle of Borodino.

  • LUCIANO BASOTTI in Italy for his help in scaning and forwarding to me the excellent illustrations of the Neapolitan and Italian armies and their explenations.

  • JANIS & ZBYNIO OLSZEWSKA my Polish friends in the US who have most generously offered me help in the past and who have offered to translate for me any Polish text I may have.

  • FREDERIC POUVESLE of HISTOFIG in France whose illustrations of the Napoleonic Uniforms inspired my creation of of most of my own illustrated artwork.

  • DR. STEPHEN SUMMERFIELD in the UK for agreeing to collaborate and co-author this site with me and who is and has been of tremendous help in compiling and arranging the raw data for publication of the Prussian and Russian Armies of these pages.

Thank you one and all, including those of you who are too innumerable to count who have been of assistance to me in these pages. I could not have gotten as far as I have in my project to date without all your invaluable help!