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The Cavalry

The Artillery

Organisation & Tactics

Arms & Equipment

Flags & Standards

The Infantry - Uniforms

Vienna Volunteers - (Cont'd)

Volunteers of 1805 Battalion raised in Vienna following an appeal on October 25th, 1805, with two Jager companies raised in the provinces. The 1798 helmet bearing hunting horn and Austrian arms, black crest, green feather; pike grey coat and breeches, green collar and epaulettes, black gaiters and leatherwork. Upper Austrian Jagers had helmets with a black feather, dark steel-green coat faced red, green breeches, black gaiters.

Volunteers of 1809 Wore a single breasted dark grey Oberruck faced red (or with red patch on grey collar), white breeches, black gaiters and equipment; Korsehut with brass badge.


Tyrolean military uniforms of 1813, from a contemporary print. From left to right, a non-commissioned officer, an officer and a soldier.