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Front view: Officer of Cuirassiers c.1815
(Courtesy of the Vienna War Museum)


The Infantry

The Artillery

Organisation & Tactics

Arms & Equipment

Flags & Standards

Rear view: Officer of Cuirassiers c. 1815
(Courtesy of the Vienna War Museum)

The Cavalry

The 1798 Uniform: Cuirassiers (Cont'd)

The officer's sword belt was white leather with iron fittings; the sword, of simlar pattern, had an iron scabbard covered with black leather with three metal fittings, the upper locket 12cm deep, the middle 10cm, and chape 18cm; the sword knot was black leather with three interwoven gold lines. The ordinary gold and black camel hair sash was worn around the waist (often omitted with the Oberrock), usually concealing the waist belt. The cuirass was lacquered black, with a poppy-red velvet edging 2cm wide; the rim bore a 1.5cm brass edging, and a 10cm deep brass 'arrowhead' on the front. Cuirass belts were white leather, the shoulder straps 4.5cm wide with brass fittings (apparently often lined with red), with a 2.5cm waist strap (shown by some sources with red piping). Horse furniture was like that of the rank and file, the saddle of brown leather panels on the sides to prevent wear by the rider's legs. Its gold lace edging was 7.5cm from the border, in gold embroidery. The black lambskin saddle cover had a 5cm red cloth edging. The brown leather pistol holsters were 35.5cm overall, with brass fittings and a holder for four cartridges. Harness was as for the rank and file, with a brass breastplate; 6.5cm by 6.5cm the second halter (including forehead strap) was used usually only on campaign.

Field officers had the usual distinctions: a black silk and gold cord helmet crest, silver or gold lace cuff-edging on the coat and Oberrock, a silk sash, a sword belt, and slings of black leather with gold stripes and gilt fittings. Their cuirass retained its larger 'arrowhead', and the shabraque had a double lace border, with 2.5cm of red cloth showing between the bands of lace. The regimental Auditor (legal officer) and Rechnungsfuhrer (administrative officer) wore neither sash nor helmet, but a cocked hat with a black tape edging and a gold or silver loop and button, and carried a straight-bladed epee (Degen) instead of the Pallasch. The regimental adjudant (Regimentadjudant) and regimental surgeon (Regimentsarzt) dressed as officers, minus the cuirass.

The 1798 Cuirassier Uniforms