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Fig. 6:
Austria: 1814 Cavalry Ehrenstandarte


The Infantry

The Cavalry

The Artillery

Organisation & Tactics

Arms & Equipment

1792 - 1804 Pattern finial and stave.

Flags & Standards - (Cont'd)

The cavalry had one Leibstandarte per regiment, carried by the 1st Squadron, with an Ordinarstandarte for every other squadron. Heavy regiments carried all these standards in the field; light regtiments sometimes, but not always, left theirs at home. Three standards of the 3rd Regiment of Light Dragoons, captured at Neswiecz on September 20th, 1812 by the Russian Alexandria Hussars, appear to have been those given to the regiment by the Emperor Charles VI (1711 - 40), though the finial bearsthe cypher of Franz I. Four cavalry standards taken in 1805 campaign also dated back to pre-1798, and had MT embroidered each side of the central shield on the eagle's breast. It is probable that, as in the infantry, regiments continued to carry old standards long after new patterns had been introduced.

The Leibstandarte for all regiments was white, with a border and obverse (Madonna) exactly as on the Infantry Leibfahne see (Fig. 1). The reverse bore the eagle. For the 1792 - 1804 period this was as (Fig. 1); for 1806 - 16 period it was as illustrated by: (Fig. 5). The Ordinarstandarte was yellow with the border as the Leibstandarte and the double-headed eagle on both sides. The changes to the eagle were governed by the same factors as on the infantry flags.

From 1806 the regiment's name was painted in the top corner on both sides next to the stave, probably on an oblong of yellow silk.

The size of these standards was approximately 80cm square, and they were carried on staves painted as for the infantry. The finials were gilt but, unlike those of the infantry, seem to have been more uniform, of spearhead shape, with a double-headed eagle welded on each side, sometimes surmounted by the Emperor's crowned cypher.

Left : 1792 pattern Ordinarfahne - Right: 1792 Leibfahne

Left: 1804 Ordinarfahne - Right: 1804 Leibfahne

Left: 1806-16 Ordinarstandarte - Right 1806-16 Leibstandarte