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Mikael Anderson's website on the Napoleonic Wars A very concise compilation of data on the Napoleonic era from the War of the 3rd Coalition in 1805 to the Campaign of the 100 Days in 1815 and the end of the napoleonic Wars.
John Schneider's newest Napoleonic Literature website. A most interesting collection of books and other pertinent data available on the period, and while you are there why not also visit John's other site area: Napoleonic Publishing a free offering of Napoleonic Literature in E-Book format for all and be sure and sign the Guestbook when you visit!
RUSSIAN GENERALS - of the 1805 - 1815 Period I urge you to visit the newest site of my good friends: Nick and Helen Mozak in Russia. They have done a superb in compiling and translating Russian text into English on the history of the Russian Generals that took part in the Napoleonic Wars.
Chris Hunt's Italian and Austrian Napoleonic Museum page! A must see! Chris has done a superb job compiling vast amounts of information pertaining to both the Italian and Austrian army of the Napoleonic wars...
The Napoleon Series Probably one of the most complete Napoleonic history sites on the web to date!
The Napoleonic Wars - an introduction Dominic Goh's home page - recently relocated to napoleonicwars.com - still under construction at present, containing information on Waterloo and British, French and Prussian Army uniforms.
Napoleonic Literature Containing several complete books - eg The Notebooks of Capt Coignet, Napoleon's Maxims, The Life of Napoleon, The Imperial Guard, and more!
The War Times Journal A treasure trove of historical and wargaming information. Contains a free set of Napoleonic, WW2 and WW1 miniatures rules
Histoire et Figurines Contains both historical and wargaming information - with a very comprehensive set of links and superb illustrations
1812: Napoleon's March to Russia An in depth and detailed look at Napoleon's disatrous campaign of 1812 in Russia.
E-Hawk E-Hawk's Military History Server
Napoleonic Prints This site is dedicated to a set of prints from the New York Public Library
La Maison de L'Empereur The Emperor's household (French)
Napoleon The Napoleonic Organisation
The Napoleon Bonaparte Internet Guide Lots of information and links on all things Napoleon
The Napoleonics Web Site This site dedicated to all things Napoleonic, tons of data and great links
Heraldica Napoleonic Titles and related Heraldry
1812 Napoleon's Invasion of Russia and the debacle that followed!
The Napoleonic Wars Page v3.0 The third edition of all things dealing with the Napoleonic Wars
LOISON 1771-1816, General Divisionnaire Henri JeanPierre's website dedicated to the life and times of General of Divisions Loisson. Now available for viewing in English, French and German. Excellently put together and very informative.
Waterloo 1815 Containing OOBs for the Battle of Waterloo

Miniatures & Wargaming
White Knight Miniatures Visit Richard and Alicia Gatto's online catalogue pages.
Game Figures Inc. Tom Dye's excellent MINIFIGS 3D online catalogue page.
Eureka Miniatures Suppliers of AB Napoleonic Miniatures and much more, Carnegie, Australia.
Museum Miniatures Visit Eric Grosfils the The Colonial Connection for another excellent 15mm Napoleonic Miniature figurines site. Produced in the USA from their parent company in the UK. Eric also carries the ever popular 25mm Hinchcliffe Miniatures range as well! Though Museum miniatures only offers French, British and Prussian at this time, they are one company to watch...
the Quartermaster Visit Michael Gustar's the QUARTERMASTER for an excellent range of un-painted 15mm, 20mm, and 25mm military figurines. Expertly cast and quality produced in Canada and another of our suppliers of Napoleonic 15mm & 25mm miniatures. Figures range from Ancients to WW2. Check them out!
The Games Arena
and Battalion Miniatures
Andrew Rowland's new launch of his excellent website dealing with the sale of 25mm Napoleonic Military Figurines from Australia. And one of our suppliers of top notch 25mm Figurines
John O'Briens' Page An excellent page for all you 54mm and 25mm fans. He also has figures for sale! (Australia)
The Miniatures Page Wargamer's magazine with lots of links and a very comprehensive guide to miniatures manufacturers
True North Productions Visit True North Productions formerly the Pharao's Arms! Dave Jackson carries an extensive range of un-painted figurines, ships, planes, decals, flags, and wargaming bases in an assortment of scales and periods. Dave is also one of our regular suppliers!
Warflags Ian Croxall's superb site dealing with flags and standards from a multitude of periods ranging from Medieval to Modern (Free flags - all major periods and armies - available for downloading free of charge!)
Napflags Alan Pendlebury's excellent new site dealing also with flags and standards of the Napoleonic Wars, a worthy companion to Ian Croxall's site above. (Free flags - all major Napoleonic armies and some lesser known minor states - available for downloading and printing free of charge!)
War U Like Introduction to wargaming - contains useful tips on terrain building, basing, etc
Ed's Hobby Hovel Contains a wargames opponent finder
Horse and Musket Wargaming Some uniform prints and Peninsular War maps
HAT Industries 20mm plastic figures
Hand-Painted Napoleonic Miniatures John Stallaert & nancy Wood's Napoleonic Hand-Painting services. Specializing in 6mm, 15mm and 25mm Military Miniatures and much, much, more. Historically accurate and expertly detailed. Probably amongst the most reasonably priced on the web!
Terra Genesis Learn how to make your own wargaming terrain - excellent information and well put together!
Geohex An excellent range of terrain construction components (hills, roads, rivers, etc. in either grass or sand finishes, nice system, but pricey
Napoleon's Battles Webpage Dedicated to the AH rules
Realistic Modelling Services Exactly what the name implies!
Napoleon's Battles (ditto)
The Wargamers' Ring Find other wargaming sites or include your own, join the Wargamer's Webring
The Field Marshal's FEBA Contains a list of major battles of the Napoleonic wars and much more
AB Miniatures AB miniatures are probably the highest quality and most detailed of the 15mm Napoleonic Miniatures range. However, their figures do tend to be a little on the large size closer to 19mm in some cases
Ral Partha Another superb manufacturer of Military Miniatures in 25mm
The Foundry If its sheer quality and selection you are looking for, then look no further! The Foundry is the benchmark for the highest quality in a 25mm figure range. They carry figures from many periods, Ancients, Medievals, Renaissance, Napoleonics and much more!
The Avalon Hill Game Company Manufacturers of excellent rules and boxed game sets
Clash of Arms
Web Grognards

Clubs & Associations
Napoleonic Nuts of Singapore (Singapore) Dominic Goh and Friends, great photos and information, lots of fun stuff!
Dortmund Amateur Wargamers, (Germany) A truly well put together site, excellent tips on modelling and superb photos. Some of the nicest wargaming errain effects I have seen!
Newark Irregulars, UK Wargaming Club
Les Grognards du Pacifique A French club, situated in TAHITI
The British Historical Games Society UK
The Society of Twentieth Century Wargamers UK
The Mansfied Wargames Club UK
Miniature Wargaming Club of Leuven Belgium
Wrexham Wargames Club Page Wales, UK
Humberside Wargames Society UK
Garde du Corps Wargaming Club New Zealand
Society of Ancients Wargaming Group
Nunamwading Wargame Association Melbourne, Australia
THS - Team Historsche Simulationen Germany
Major General Tremorden Rederring's Colonial-Era Wargames Page Excellent tips on modelling and painting
Milton Keynes Wargames Society UK
Titans Wargaming Group Australia
Valley Miniatures Confederation USA, (Newly started club pages still under construction)
Assegai Central South Africa
Wargames Association of Reading UK
Club Modellismo Storico Cagliari Italy
DBM Homepage Australia
Murphy's Heroes Netherlands

The French Army Museum Hôtel national des Invalides
Emperi French Napoleonic Museum
National Army Museum
Royal Museum of the Army and Military History (Belgian Army)


Military Books & Magazines
Amazon.com Napoleonic History and Military Books as well as Videos and CD's
The Old Guard Military Art, Books and Videos (Canada)
Boney Books Peter T. Holmes Fine Books. Rare and out-of- print books, Search Service, Appraisals. (USA)
Military Books UK
MX Booksearch For those rare and out-of-print books you are looking for. UK
Magazine Web Order magazines dealing with Military Miniatures, History, Wargaming, Modelling, etc. online.
First Empire UK

Other Pages of Interest
Holger Puttkammer's homepage (In English)
Martin's Tabletop Seiten (in German)
Waterloo 1815 Homepage (in English and German)
Napoleonic Wargaming From Finland (in English)
Ethan's DBM Page (in English)
Steve Burt's Wargames Many scenarios. (in English)