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I invite you to visit my other site after you have viewed this one!

I will be posting to this page areas of update as I upload them to the site. This web page is a monumentous task that I have undertaken, and the time I spend on its creation is limited by the fact that I own and operate both a Computer Consulting business and a Napoleonic Figurine painting business.

Also, it takes tremendous amounts of time to compile, decipher and organise the data as well as scan images and/or create original artwork. Though I wish I could devote all my time to this venture, I regrettably cannot as I do have a life and family to look after but, given time this work will eventually be complete. I ask that you all bear patiently with me as I do my best to complete this site!

If any of you require information on any uniforms not shown on the site as yet, you can e-mail me and I will do my best to get back to you promptly with whatever information I can give you.

Thank you

May 26th, 2001

Thank you for visiting my new site home of the Uniform Evolution website. Some of you may ask what prompted me to leave the napoleonicwars.com server after such a long and prosperous tenure at the site? The answer to this question is manyfold:

  1. Since January 4th, 2001, I have not heard a thing from Cameran Ashraf the webmaster of napoleoincwars.com
  2. In the past 3 months the banner exchange program at napoleonicwars.com has failed to work
  3. There have been numerous problems with uploading News Posts to the main page
  4. Some of our webmasters there are even unable to access the files to upload or delete
  5. In the past 30 days the server host has been down an average of 18.6 hours
  6. Some e-mail addresses (mine included) are erratic and unable to be accessed there
  7. Worst of all, I was informed by the webhosts of napoleonicwars.com that the site will cease to exist at the end of September 2001 if they do not hear from Cameran Ashraf to the contrary...

So you can appreciate the predicament I and the other members of napoleonicwars.com were in. Therefore myself and a few of the webmasters took it upon ourselves to create a replacement site for napoleonicwars.com at: in which to bind all our current sites together at one address.

It was not my intention to copy or to undo all that Cameran Ashraf worked so hard to create at napoleonicwars.com nor to abandon the idea of a unified server, but under the circumstances and in order to continue to grow our online Napoleonic community we were left with little choice. It is my hope that you will enjoy and find what information I have on my pages (though still under construction) useful and also take the time to visit the new NAPWARS II website and all of the other wonderful and informative sites to be found on it's pages.

John P. Stallaert