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The Cavalry

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The Army

The Infantry: pre 1806

Before 1806 the infantry comprised the Foot Guards, 52 line regiments (increasing to 54 in 1794, 55 in 1797, 56 in 1803 and 57 in 1804) and twenty fusilier (light infantry) battalions, rising to 21 in 1795 and 24 by 1806. Each regiment comprised one grenadier and two musketeer battalions plus a depot (becoming the 3rd Musketeer battalion in 1796, raised to full strength only on mobilization), each battalion of four companies of 155 other ranks (with ten riflemen or Schutzen per company). From June 1799 each regiment comprised two 5 company musketeer battalions, the depot and two grenadier companies, the latter to be detached in wartime to form half a composite grenadier battalion. In July 1806 new organisation gave each regiment thee 4 company battalions (the 3rd Battalion being fusiliers) and two grenadier companies, but this was only enacted after the war.

1. Musketeer, 25th regiment c.1790, 2. Fusilier c.1790 (in 1789 they wore green vests and breeches), 3. Grenadier, 6th regiment c.1768 (the last year of the mitre before being replaced by the Casket, 4. Grenadier in Kasket c.1790, 5. Line Grenadier c.1799 wearing the new style mitre adopted by the Guard in 1798, 6. Officer of Light infantry c.1790 Note: the double breasted turnbacks standardised in 1802-1803, 7. Standard of the 17th (Ansbach-Bayreuth) in 1795, 8. Standard of the 57th Line regiment in 1798.

Prussian Grenadiers c.1806 depicted in action