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The Army

The Infantry: 1806

According to its establishment figures, the Prussian Army of 1806 could place some 121,000 infantry into the field. At least 83,000 more troops were deployed in garrisons and reserves. The bulk of the recruits were native Prussians. There was also a substantial number of non-Prussian volunteers in the army in the army. In addition about 20,000 Saxon troops wereforcibly incorporated into the army at the outset of the year.

The Prussian infantry comprised three main types, musketeers, grenadiers and fusiliers. A line regiment consisted of two battalions of musketeers and two companies of grenadiers. These regiments were named after their colonels-in-chief and numbered according to their seniority. In time of war, the grenadier companies of an infantry regiment were combined with those of another regiment to form a battalion, which was known by the name of its field commander. Each musketeer battalion consisted of five companies, each of two platoons, while the grenadier battalions consisted of four companies, a total of eight platoons. Fusiliers, a light infantry formation, were formed into brigades of three battalions in peacetime. In the evnt of war, the battalions were allocated to larger formations on an individual basis. They were known by the names of their field commanders.

Prussian Light Infantry of 1806. 1. A field officer, 2.a private, 3. and an NCO of the Graf Wedel Fusilier Battalion.
(Illustration By: John Stallaert)