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The Infantry - Uniforms of the Regular Infantry (Cont'd)

Regiments were distinguished b ythe colouring of the collars, cuffs and shoulder straps. The two former were in the provincial colours and the latter in seniority colours.

*Note: The last three provincial colours were added in 1814.

The Foot Guards wore a tunic which had Swedish cuffs decorated with white lace, or 'Litzen', a distinction which was also worn on the collars; the buttons were made of white metal.

In 1813, when the Zweites garde Regiment zu Fuss was formed, it was clothed in a similar uniform but with yellow metal buttons and the Brandenburg cuffs of the line infantry.

The two Guard Grenadier Regiments that were formed in 1814 wore a 'Kollet' with red collars and Brandenburg cuffs, the latter with a blue patch. The shoulder straps were white, bearing the cypher of Czar Alexander in red, for the 'Erstes' and in red, with the cypher of the Austrian Emperor in yellow for the 'Zweites'.

Underneath the 'Kollet' was worn a grey waistcoat, the 'Kamisol'. In summer the sleeves of this garment were removed and in winter they were replaced.

Head-dress consisted of either a grey, round topped, cloth cap, the Feldmutze, which had a cap band in provincial colour and hook-up curtains on the side; or the black felt shako which was first issued in 1808. In the field, the shako was covered with a black waxed, linen cover that taped up at the rear; for parade purposes, this head-dress was ornamented in a number of ways. All infantry had a white band around the upper edge and on this band at the front, was carried the black and white colour of Prussia. The 'National' pompom. When on active service the presence of this bulky object beneath the waxed cover made the Prussian head-dress distinctive in that it distorted the symmetrical lines of the front of the shako.

Prussian Guard Infantry 1814 - From Left: Drummer 1st Garde zu Fuss, Officer 1st Regiment, NCO, Fusilier, Guard Grenadier.

By: Knotel - Courtesy of: Dominic Goh