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Private, 1st Battalion, 21st Reserve Regiment


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The Infantry - Uniforms of the Reserve Regiments (Cont'd)

Lastly there were large quantities of French clothing that was pressed into use, as and when it became available.

Below are detailed the regimental and battalion variations worn by the different Reserve Formations.

Brandenburg Infantry Regiment No. 12

1st Battalion - Before July 1813, this was the 1st Reserve Battalion, Leib Infantry Regiment. Officers and cadre wore the regulation uniform of that regiment, poppy-red facings, and white shoulder straps.

The men wore the regulation shako in a cover, or grey cap with a poppy-red band. (Some men were still wearing caps in June 1815). Black single breasted reservists jackets (some men in grey jackets) with poppy-red collar patches. No tails or shoulder straps were worn. Buttons were metal though some sources state these were covered in the same material as the jacket. The majority of privates wore white trousers, outside grey gaiters, (black or grey breeches are also recorded). A cartridge box on a black belt regulation pack with white straps, white haversack on the left hip and a grey greatcoat over the left shoulder.

2nd Battalion - Before July 1813, this was the 2nd Reserve Battalion of the Leib Infantry Regiment. The officers, the cadre and 517 men wore the regulation uniforms of that unit. The remainder either wore the uniform of the 1st Battalion or the bleu Kollet of the regulation pattern, with a blue collar, poppy-red collar patches and white shoulder straps. The rest of the uniform and the equipment was as for the 1st Battalion, but short swords were also worn. These were of the infantry Degen pattern and had white belts.

Fusilier Battalion - Before July 1813, this was the 3rd Musketeer Battalion, 1st West Prussian Regiment. The officers and cadre wore the regulation uniform for that Regiment, with crimson facings and white shoulder straps.

Privates wore either a grey cap with a crimson band or a regulation shako in a waxed cover. The grey Reservists jacket had crimson collar patches, the buttons were covered in grey material and there were no shoulder straps. Grey breeches and black gaiters were worn. Equipment consisted of a cartridge box on a black belt, grey cloth pack and haversack, both with white straps and grey greatcoat worn over the left shoulder.

After the linking of these three battalions, the distionctions of the 2nd Brandenburg Infantry Regiment (poppy-red facings and shoulder straps) were adopted by all ranks who wore the regulation uniform. The men of the 2nd Battalion issued with the Kollet with collar patches changed their shoulder straps to poppy-red, and the Fusilier Battalion changed their crimson collar patches to conform with the rest of the Regiment.