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This device seems to have
been common to most
officers' shabraques and
pistol housings.
Gold crown and scroll work,
white centre with black eagle.

The Infantry

The Artillery

Organisation &Tactics

Arms & Equipment

Flags & Standards

Bibliography & Sources

Detail of Trooper's coat.

Detail of Oficer's coat.

The Cavalry


The Dragoons

Dragoon regiments had five squadrons each (the 5th and 6th regiments had 10), with a field strength of 841 and 1,682 respectively. Squadrons were made up of three companies, each with a strength of 55 men and officers combined. It is interesting to note, that the Dragoon musicians were drummers who actually used their instruments when mounted. Initially they wore infantry style light-blue uniforms with facing coloured collars, cuffs and turnbacks and later shoulder straps; the cavalry jacket Kollet was introduced from 1802, with light-blue turnbacks laced in the facing-colour (9th white), a button-coloured aiguillette on the right shoulder, and other items like Cuirassiers. See table 16 below for regimental distinctions:

** Denotes regiments added in 1802

1.) Carabinier, Dragoon Regt. von Gilsa c. 1792, 2.) Trooper, Dragoon Regt. von Esebeck (No. 8) c. 1806, 3.) Trooper, King of Bavaria Regt. (No. 1) c.1806
Illustration By: Bryan Fosten, Courtesy of Dallas Gavan