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Kosak, campaign dress.
Wearing Litewka and
bearskin head-dress.
Note the unusual
suspension of the pistol
from the carbine swivel.

The Infantry

The Artillery

Organisation &Tactics

Arms & Equipment

Flags & Standards

Bibliography & Sources

Kosak officer, in parade
dress. Note the "Jacket"
which was closed by concealed buttons.

Kosak officer, in campaign dress.

The Cavalry

The Uniforms of the Uhlans - (Cont'd)

Trumpeters wore red and gold swallows nests, but they never adopted the usual red plume or Busch.

The saddle cloth was rounded at both ends and was coloured dark blue, with a double red trim around the edge. A black lambskin shabraque, edged in red, was also used for field service by some formations.

Uniforms of the Guard Kosaken Eskadron

This unit was raised in 1813, and constituted the third squadron of the Guard Light Cavalry Regiment.

They wore a dark blue, cossack style jacket, the Jacke , with similarly coloured collar and cuffs piped in red and set with white Litzen. The use of a dark blue, single breasted Litewka, with red collar and cuff piping, and with concealed buttons, was authorized for field-service wear.

Baggy dark blue overalls with a double red stripe running down the outside seams were worn. The head-dress was a black Kolpak, a type of busby, made from bear skin, with a white feather plume and hangings. At the rear of the Kolpak hung a red bag. This bag on occasion, seems also to have been hung on the right side.

Around the waist was worn a white girdle; black belts holding a pistol and a cartridge pouch were carried over the shoulders. Beneath the girdle was a black leather belt, from which was suspended the sabre, in a brass scabbard, which had a plain black leather sword knot. The troopers and NCOs were armed with a lance which had a small white tassel immediately below the head, but which was not fitted with a pennant.

Trooper, Guard Kosaken Eskadron c.1813, full-dress.

Trumpeters wore dark blue swallows' nests set with silver lace and their plumes were red with a white tip.

The saddle cloth was rounded at both ends, being coloured dark blue with a 3cm wide single red lace trim.