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Cannoneer, Silesian Brigade c.1813

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Officer, Brandenburg Brigade c.1815


The Uniforms of the Artillery

Artillerymen wore a dark blue Kollet. The foot gunners had theirs in the style of the infantry, with scarlet coat-tail turnbacks, black collars and cuffs, both being piped in scarlet and the latter bearing a dark blue patch. Yellow buttons. Horse artillerymen wore a cavalry pattern Kollet with Swedish cuffs, coloured as above, except for the turnbacks, which were dark blue trimmed with a thick black braid, both edges of which were piped in scarlet. The shoulder straps were coloured differently for each Brigade. See the Table below:

In 1814, these distinctions were discontinued and thereafter all companies had scarlet shoulder straps. The Kamisol was coloured grey, as for the infantry. In 1809, a dark blue Litewka was authorized for the Horse Artillery for field dress. This garment had the collar and shoulder straps as on the Kollet and had plain Swedish cuffs. The Guard Companies, both of which were attached to the Brandenburg Brigade, had Swedish cuffs and yellow colar and cuff Litzen.

(1) Foot Artllerist c.1808; (2) Foot Artillerist c.1815 - in coveralls; (3) Foot Artillerist c.1815 - field dress; (4) Pioneer c.1813; (5) Senior Officer of Horse Artillery; (6) NCO of Horse Artillery c.1815 - full dress

The shako was fitted with a black and white Prussian pom-pon and on its front it bore a brass, three-flamed grenade; a brass guard star was worn by the Guard companies. Foot companies of the Guard had a white band around the upper edge of their shakos, whilst the Guard Horse Company had a similar distinction in orange yellow. All horse Companies had yellow cords and cap lines attached to their shakos. A white feather plume was worn as part of parade dress by the Horse Gunners but of the Foot Companies, only the Guard wore a Busch, which was coloured black. When on active service, the black waxed cover was worn over the shakos. The field cap was coloured grey for the Foot and dark blue for the mounted companies; both types had a black cap band edged in scarlet.